Quilted Blocks and Borders

Collection #: 233
Item #: 920313096

This is a really cool style where the design isn't stitched but the background is, this gives the effect that the design puffs out of the fabric if you have batting and fabric hooped. In this collection there are also designs for the 200x200 hoop and 170x100 Endless designs. For the large designs in 360x200 size we've added positioning stitches for easy alignment. 38 total designs. 

Hoop size 200x200 mm / 8" x 8"
Endless hoop size 170x100 mm / 6.75" x 4"
Hoop size 360x200 mm / 14.2" x 8"



Enjoy !

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200 x 200 mm 

360 x 200 mm