Mr. Teddy

Collection #: 152
<p> Designs 360 mm x 150 mm, 14.2 x 6 inch<br /> CD/ Disk</p> <p> The kit includes;</p> <ul> <li> Booklet with sewing instructions</li> <li> Teddy fabric for one Mr Teddy</li> <li> Felt for paws and nose</li> <li> Fake leather for the nose</li> <li> Turquoise felt for one vest</li> <li> White stabilizer</li> <li> Black stabilizer</li> </ul> <p> &nbsp;</p> <p> After embroidering all the parts of Mr Teddy and sewing them all together, sew a heart on water soluble and place it inside to give him a soul.</p>

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<p> 360 mm x 150 mm</p>