Tote with Flatlock Stitching

Your Husqvarna® VIKING® overlock machine can be used to add interesting surface design embellishments to your sewing projects! This simple tote has a striped design created by joining fabrics strips using a 2-thread flatlock stitch. The “ladder” side of the flatlock stitching shows on the bag’s outer side, then, a narrow ribbon is woven in and out of the ladders for a decorative effect. Finished size of the bag shown is 15” long x 13” wide, plus the handles.

Supplies Needed:
  • Husqvarna® VIKING® overlock machine with 2-thread capability
  • Husqvarna® VIKING® sewing machine
  • Total of 7 fabric strips for outer bag (2 cut 34” x 2¾ ”, 5 cut 34” x 2¼”)
  • 2 fabric strips 30” long x 4” wide (for the 2 handles)
  • 34” x 15” of lining fabric (will be trimmed to size after bag front is prepared)
  • 7 yards of ⅛” wide ribbon
CLICK HERE to Download Project Instructions (PDF)

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