Babynest and sewing baby outfits!

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The baby nest is a very smart little bed for the baby that can be used in a lot of places such as in between the parents in a King size bed. It will keep the baby safe in it´s own little bed place. 
Here are the steps on how to sew it!

Pick your favorit fabrics, it can be the same on both sides or you can select to have matching fabrics for the front and the back. I used white for the inside and printed light blue on the outside for the first one, second babynest is the pink combination. The size of the two pieces should be 29 ½” x 24" (75cm x 60cm). 
Draw the pattern. Here is the pattern piece I created. Add 1/2" (1cm) as seam allowance.

If you are going to embroider something on the front piece do that before your start to sew. On my babynest I used a little song text in Swedish. If I translate it says: "Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder where you are", a famous little song text, I think you all know how to sing that song!

The embroidery is created in the Premier+ embroidery software. I did draw some stars and digitized them, using a triple straight stitch line. If you want to use them, here is the free download.

Pin the two pieces right side together. Sew using a straight stitch between the red marks on my image. After finishing the straight stitch, snip a little in the curves with a pair of scissors. 

Sew a straight stitch at the bottom area where the foam rubber mattress is going to be inserted. See how it is done on the picture.

Turn right side out. Press the seam open. Press and fold the opening at the bottom two times and sew around the hem with a straight stitch. To close the bottom of the babynest, add snap buttons or velcro. 

Add the bias binder ribbon on top of the seam you just finished. If you want to add a lace add that on the ribbon before pinning it in place . I did use the Ruffler first to add a nice gathering of the lace) Use a straight stitch and sew both sides of the ribbon in place. 

Sew a straight stitch 6" (15cm) from the edge to divide the center area from the side. Use a fabric marker to create guidelines. 

Add a ribbon inside the channel to be able to pull the sides together. Fill the side with fiber fill. When you are happy, pin and sew the openings with a narrow straight stitch or by sew by hand. Put your foam mattress inside. the one I used was a little less than 1" (2cm) thick.

Beside the babynest I have been sewing a lot of baby garments and using the Cover Stitch Bias binder. How fun that is, very quick to sew and I do not need a lot of fabric either! All of the items will be displayed in the Husqvarna Viking store in Jönköping.
I will share some pictures when I it is all set up.

Next sewing project is the dress that my youngest daughter Athina is going to wear to her prow in June.
I will take you through the process and will take pictures of the steps.

Happy Sewing!

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