Circular Attachment

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Circular Attachment är det perfekta hjälpmedlet för dig som vill sy unika dekorationer till dina sömnadsprojekt, plagg och quiltar. Du skapar enkelt egna bårder eller grafiska mönster med cirklar, blommor eller delar av cirklar. Kombinera cirklar av olika storlek för att skapa stora mönster.

Fungerar inte till DESIGNER™ SE-serien, DESIGNER™ I, II eller QUILT DESIGNER™ II.

Mer information

Almost all utility or decorative stitches* can be used when stitching with this attachment so you are free to use your favorite. The possibilities available with the Circular Attachment are as unending as the circles it creates!

With the Circular Attachment, you can sew circles with a diameter measuring from 6 cm up to 26 cm (2½ to 10¼”). The diameters of the circles are printed in both centimeters and inches.

* Stiches with a default stitch width wider than 7mm, and stitches with backward feeding cannot be used.



Extension/Quilter’s Table

When using the Circular Attachment, we recommend using an extension/quilter’s table. This will give extra support to the fabric and makes it easier to control and guide the fabric. Extension/Quilter’s tables are available as extra accessories.

Fabric Thickness

If you are using fabric or batting that is too thick, the pin might not hold the fabric in place. Always test by sewing on a scrap piece of fabric.

Large Projects

When sewing on larger pieces, make sure the fabric is not allowed to hang down off of the table where it could get caught and create drag and distortion in your design.

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