Cutwork Pillow and Wrap

An elegant, decorative pillow will dress up a room like nothing else. Enjoy stitching out one of the Appliqué Cutwork designs to make this a showstopper. We used lightweight moleskin for the pillow base to add decadent texture then topped it with the embroidered classic white linen wrap. The white sparkle organza in the design’s appliqué areas are a subtle but lovely detail. Add some crystal buttons and you’re all set!

Filled with fabulous appliqué cutwork designs, including endless and cut edge designs, this collection has been created to be used with the Embroidery Cutwork Needle Kit as well as the Mega Endless Hoop 260x150/10”x6”.We will be using design #005 from the newly launched Appliqué Cutwork collection #267

Appliqué Cutwork (#620090196)
Cutwork Needle Kit (#920375096)
Mega Endless Hoop (#920307096)

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