Kwiecień 2015 - Projekt - Centralne Okna Katedry

Wysłany przez Katrina Walker, HUSQVARNA VIKING® National Educator
Jak światło wpadające do okien katedry. Piękny w swojej prostocie ścieg prosty w technice przestrzennej, łączony z lśniącymi jedwabnymi nićmi ozdobią każdy stół czy ścianę.

About Katrina Walker
Katrina is a preeminent force in the Northwest textile and sewing community, and is accomplished in many areas of creative design, sewing, embroidery, and quilting. She loves a challenge and the fun of experimentation with seams, construction and embellishment techniques. Twenty eight years of sewing have gained her prominence and recognition. Her accomplishments are only exceeded by her enthusiasm and infectious passion for sharing her in-depth knowledge with other sewers. Katrina loves apparel sewing, home décor designing and sewing, machine embroidery and piecework projects. When she is not home tending her own small flock of naturally colored sheep that produce high-quality handspinning fleeces, she is out on the circuit of events, shows, fairs, and further study.

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Katrina Walker, HUSQVARNA VIKING® National Educator
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