Yo-Yo Flower Headband

With scraps of fabric and the Circular Attachment (item no. 920344096), you can make pretty yo-yo flower hair decorations in no time. Just change the color, type of fabric and the size of your circles to make a variety of different headbands to match every outfit.

We used three different fabrics and three buttons. The finished flowers were stitched to a headband. Use fabric pieces, large enough for circles measuring 8”/5½”/4¾” (20/14/12cm).

Attach the Circular Attachment to your machine and set the size you want for your circle. Set your machine for straight stitch, increase the stitch length to 6. Place stabilizer underneath.

Start sewing the first circle, if your fabric is very thin, you might need to help feed the fabric slightly. Stop sewing when the seam overlaps approx. ½” (1 cm). Leave the thread ends (approx. 4” (10cm)). Remove excess stabilizer.
1.    Cut out the circle ¼” (6mm) outside the seam line.
2.    Carefully pull the thread ends (one in each direction) until the circle is gathered into a flower.
3.    Push the raw edge into the flower and fasten the thread.

Repeat with the other fabric pieces.
4. Finalize the flowers by sewing a button to the center of the flower.

5. Arrange the flowers as you wish and stitch them together by hand from the wrong side. When satisfied stitch them to the headband.

Once you have started it’s hard to stop. The type of flowers you can create are endless, by altering the fabric, color and style of buttons, you can change the end result completely.

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