Portable Car Track

Do you know someone how love to play with car toys? Make him or her the happiest kid in the world by wrapping a portable car track for the holidays.

The finished car track measure approx. 39½”x59” (100x150cm).


  • Green cotton fabric (39½”x59” (100x150cm))
  • Black cotton fabric for back of the track (39½”x59” (100x150cm))
  • Non skid fabric
  • Black bias tape to bind the car track 6 yards (5,5m)
  • Grey wool (or felt or fleece that doesn’t fray) for the road
  • White yarn for centerline on the road
  • Iron-on stabilizer
  • Batting (39½”x59” (100x150cm))
  • A piece of red fleece fabric for the garage 5½”x20” (14x50cm) .
  • Scrap fabric in yellow, blue and red for traffic signs.

Tips and Hints

1. Decide the size you want your car track to turn out. Cut out the top and back piece.

2. Download and print the different road templates (or make your own). Cut out the different road parts and tape them together to form a road. Cut out the road in the grey wool fabric (splice the fabric if necessary). Press double sided fusible interfacing (INSPIRA® Fuse & Stick 2 stabilizer) to the wrong side of the road, then press the road to the green fabric.

3. Make the centerline on the road. Either sew a satin stitch or use yarn and stitch the line by hand. Then use a narrow zigzag and stitch over the yarn to reinforce the look and tie it to the road.

4. Take the red fleece fabric for the garage, fold in one of the long sides approx. 1” (2cm) and stitch a channel. Insert a piece of elastic to "gather" the garage fabric. This will prevent the cars from falling out. Stitch the fleece garage to the lower right corner of the car track. Use a straight stich to divide the garage into sections fitting the toy cars.

5. Take the back piece of the car track and place right side up. Place a piece of non skid fabric on top and stitch in place. Either cover the whole back side with non skid fabric or place it in the center and/or corners.

Tip: When sewing in hard-to-feed fabrics (like the non skid fabric), use a non-stick presser foot (Non-Stick Glide Foot H). Due to the special coating on the bottom of this foot, it‘s perfect for sewing hard-to-feed fabrics, like leather, foam, plastic, imitation leathers and plastic-coated fabrics. Search husqvarnaviking.com to find the item number for the non-stick foot suitable for your machine (if not included with your machine accessories).

6. Take the back piece of the track and place wrong sides up, place batting and then the green car track (right sides up) on top. Secure the layers with safety pins. Secure the layers together by sewing with a straight stich around the edges of the road.

7. Trim the edges so they are even. Use bias tape to bind your car track.

8. Download the traffic sign embroidery files and embroider as many traffic signs as you like. Illustrations of the traffic signs are also available as downloads. Print them and turn them into appliqués or just print and paste to cardboard to make them durable.

Download Designs     Download Templates

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