Bias Binder Baby Blanket

Make a warm, soft and cozy baby blanket for the youngest family member. The blanket is made in jersey and velour fabric. The finished size is approximately 27½”x39” (70x100cm).

Cut out your fabric in the size you want for your blanket. Use a fabric marker to draw parallel lines diagonally over the front piece. We draw the lines 4” (10cm) apart.
Place the front and back pieces wrong sides together. Use safety pins to secure the layers. Quilt the layers together by sewing with a straight stitch on the marked lines. Start in the center of the blanket and work to the right and then from the center to the left. Once the blanket is quilted, trim the edges (if necessary).

The binding on the baby blanket is made on a HUSQVARNA VIKING® HUSKYLOCK™ S21 equipped with the INSPIRIA® Coverstitch Binder (item no. 620143096) (This foot also fits your HUSKYLOCK™ S25).


To bind the quilt, cut strips of jersey fabric. Measure the length (sides) of your project and add at least 4" (10cm). Cut enough 1 1/8" (28mm) strips to equal that number, cutting in the direction with the greatest amount of stretch.

Follow the link to get instructions on how to bias bind using the INSPIRIA® Coverstitch Binder
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