Valentine's Day Serger Rose Heart Card

Nothing says "I love you" more than a hand-made Valentine's Day card. The rolled hem edge created by the HUSQVARNA VIKING® HUSKYLOCKS21 overlock machine creates a decorative and delicate

edge to define your flower.

Sewing Supplies

  • 1/8 yard (11cm) 3-4 different organza fabrics Note: 3 colors were used above to achieve the ombré effect.
  • 1 piece of card stock
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pencil
  • Craft scissors

Cutting Instructions

  • Cut strips of organza 4” (10.2 cm) wide

Rose Heart Card

  1. Set your overlock machine to a narrow rolled hem.
  2. Fold your strips of organza in half, length-wise.
  3. Serge the entire length of the organza attaching the raw sides of the folded piece.

Screen-Shot-2019-02-01-at-1-09-52-PM.png IMG_1904.jpg

4. Sketch a heart shape on the cardstock and cut out the shape.

5. On one end, fold down and glue the top corner to the bottom of the strip.

6. Tightly roll one organza strip.

7. Hot glue the roll in the center of your heart.


8. Run glue along the path of where you want to rose to unwind and lay the

organza strips over the glue.

Note: Only run 1”-3” (2.5-7.6cm) at a time so the glue does not cool down before you have a

chance to stick the fabric.

9. As you get closer to the top arches of the heart, start arching the glue lines.

10. The last 2-3 rows of organza will be spaced far apart but not reach the tops

of the arches.

11. Use a thin line of hot glue to shape the serged edge of the outer layers

around the border of the heart.


Note: You may need to add a small separate piece of organza to one arch. The finished card shown

on the first page has a piece of organza added to the right arch.

12. Fold down the edges of the organza to fill out the flower.

Tip: Glue down the serged edges that don’t stay folded down, or that you want to fill a larger area,

like near the arches.



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