Behind the seams

28 touko 2013 Lähettänyt Carina Thavelin

Get a sneak peak of what happens in the office

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Office Quilts

20 touko 2013 Lähettänyt Carina Thavelin

We are fortunate to have a lot of beautiful quilts in the office to inspire us in our daily work. Here are some of my favourites.

Tallennettu Inspiration, "Joy of Sewing", Quilting, Sewing

May Software Newsletter: 5D™ Design Express

16 touko 2013 Lähettänyt HUSQVARNA VIKING

Do you long for unique embroidery designs? 5D™ Design Creator, part of the 5D™ Embroidery System, offers comprehensive tools for creating embroideries from artwork.

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Decorative Collars

2 touko 2013 Lähettänyt Carina Thavelin

An easy way of updating and decorate a look is to add a collar!

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FREE Monthly Project - Go-to-Tote

1 touko 2013 Lähettänyt Marie Duncan

You know the tote you always go to as you are running out the door, your favorite? Well, this will become your new “Go-to-Tote! It uses a fun border design on center panel surrounded by ruched insets.

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