Quilting for the Holiday

Collection #: 237
Item #: 920317096

In total 56 holiday designs. All motifs are in groups of four embroidery types that match each other,
one 100 mm x100mm, one Endless Border, one corner and one reversed appliqué in 150x150mm.
This really gives you the possibilities to create you favorite Holiday Quilt. Some of these designs
have been designed to be used together with the Cutwork Needle Kit to create a reversed appliqué.
As a really cool feature, the eight last color blocks will add a fabric frame to you quilt block so that
you can sew your quilt together with ease.

100 mm x 100 mm / 4” x 4”
150 mm x 150 mm / 6” x 6”
Endless Hoop size 170 mm x 100 mm / 6.75” x 4”


Yhteensopivat kehät

100 mm x 100 mm  
150 mm x 150 mm  
170 mm x 100 mm 

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