Gift for a Christening!

23 touko 2012 Lähettänyt Lena Kantis

The most memorable gifts for a Christening last Saturday were made by Maria that is working in the marketing team. She created two gifts, a wonderful bunny, that she embroidered using the...

Tallennettu SewFun!

May 2012 Free Project: Trapunto Wreath

14 touko 2012 Lähettänyt HUSQVARNA VIKING ®

Our trapunto wreath is easy to embroider in two hoopings in your 360 x 200 Designer Royal Hoop. Then, have fun by adding beads by machine! But, our trapunto wreath is a bit confused about what it wants to be when it grows up. Hmmmm, a pretty table mat? Or……..a comfy pillow! It is...


Back in Sweden

11 touko 2012 Lähettänyt Lena Kantis

<p> After being first in China then in the USA my normal time zone is way off. It will probably take a week to get back to normal. In the USA I have been teaching the new Husqvarna Viking&reg; Quilt Design...</p>

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