DESIGNER EPIC™ Bird Branch Pillow

Cut Out All Pieces
Cut out all pieces for the bag according to the measurements in the illustration below. All seam allowances are included (3/4” / 1cm).

Embroider the Front Piece
1. Hoop stabilizer and the front piece fabric (A in the cutting scheme) in a hoop large enough for your selected embroidery design. The bird design is created as an appliqué. Use the fabric marked C in the cutting scheme as appliqué fabric.

2. Embroider the design, remove the fabric from the hoop and remove excess stabilizer.

3. Invisible Zipper – First Side
4. Invisible Zipper – Second Side

Use piping to give your cushion a professional tailor made finish. Use purchased piping or make your own, giving it the perfect match with your cushion fabric. (See the Accessory User’s Guide at to find instructions on how to make your own piping).

5. Place the front piece of the cushion (A in the cutting scheme) right side up. Place the piping (D in the cutting scheme) along the fabric edge. Overlap the piping to finish off at the end. Stitch in place using a straight stitch with the needle position adjusted to -2.0. Clip the seam allowance of the cord in the corners, to get smooth corners.

6. Open the zipper (approx. 4”/10cm) and place the back piece right side down on top of the front piece. Put fabric and piping layers under the presser foot with the cord to the left of the foot Select straight stitch left needle position.

Sew the cushion together, still using the Mega Piping Foot.

Turn right sides out and enjoy!


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