Candle Mat

28 heinä 2015 Lähettänyt Linda Holmes

Give a jewelry design a new purpose. Open a single crown design and use Design Shaping to create circle of crowns. Use the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Circular Attachment to create a perfectly round candle mat.

Tallennettu Embroidery, Inspiration, Sewing

Summer sewing!

1 heinä 2015 Lähettänyt Lena Kantis

Make a small flower decoration to wear in your hair, or make it as a gift for your children, or your friends. 


Heinäkuu 2015 - Free Sewing Project - Applique Roll Up Travel Placemat

1 heinä 2015 Lähettänyt Soni Grint

Make this fun applique roll up placemat while learning many techniques you can use in other projects.

Tallennettu "Free Monthly Design", Inspiration, Sewing