New Year - New Website - New Blog

6 helmi 2013 Lähettänyt Carina Thavelin

Welcome to the NEW Joy of Sewing Blog!  My name is Carina Thavelin and I will be sharing my sewing projects with tips and hints and take you behind the scenes at our Sweden office where the inspiration and innovation happens. Join me!

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OPAL™ Scotty Dog Pillow

2 tammi 2013 Lähettänyt HUSQVARNA VIKING ®

This playful, colorful "scotty" pillow is perfect for the living room couch or a kids room.  Decorate the pillow with beautiful 7 mm decorative stitches for a special touch.

Tallennettu Inspiration, OPAL

OPAL™ Multi-Color Quilt

2 tammi 2013 Lähettänyt HUSQVARNA VIKING®

Every home needs a beautiful quilt. This Multi-color Quilt is used as a bedspread quilt and adds a lot of character to the room.

Tallennettu Inspiration, OPAL

Free Project: Sewing Kit Bag

2 tammi 2013 Lähettänyt HUSQVARNA VIKING®

Our sewing kit bag uses a design from the INSPIRA® embroidery collection 121 My Sewing Room #620120796. The pin cushion design is the 2013 January Monthly Design, #003121012.

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