Recycling is great!

29 elo 2012 Lähettänyt Lena Kantis

Linnea 18, (Simon’s girlfriend) has been using a old denim jeans that has been worn out, to create a denim jacket and a denim vest. She mixed black and blue denim, and used the same denim jacket...

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Home Dec projects in a new Moroccan tile style!

18 elo 2012 Lähettänyt Lena Kantis

Sweden, Greece and China, I am lucky to have been able to spend time in several countries with my family during this summer. Now I will get back to work in my office and will have nice memories...


Cover Up!

8 elo 2012 Lähettänyt Lena Kantis

Kerstin has been on a trip to Italy. She has got a red bathing suit, and she needed something to wear on top of the bathing suit when going to lunch etc. Here is a very quick wrap to add, like a...

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