Our top-of -the-line sewing machine sets a new standard with its vibrant Interactive Color Touch Screen. The
EXCLUSIVE SENSOR SYSTEM, a Straight Stich Plate with Sensor technology and free-motion with any stitch are
some of the features that make SAPPHIRE™ 960Q perfect for quilters.


All Features & Benefits

Interactive Color Touch Screen

Your SAPPHIRE™ 960Q sewing machine features a high resolution Interactive Color Touch Screen that is easy to use. Simply use your stylus to activate any function, any stitch, and any information with a touch! The high-contrast colors on the screen make it easy to find your way when navigating through various screens for sewing and  programming.


With a tap on the foot control or the touch of a button, the presser foot automatically lowers and raises. The sensor foot pressure automatically adjusts for any fabric thickness – resulting in a perfect even-feed of any fabric. There is even an extra lift position for maximum space to slide thick sewing projects, like quilts, under the foot easily. The Sensor Foot Pivot senses the fabric thickness for instant pivoting.

Exclusive SEWING ADVISOR® Feature

Take some advice from your sewing machine!

Simply enter the type of fabric and the sewing technique and the Exclusive SEWING ADVISOR® feature instantly sets the machine for you. It selects the best stitch, stitch width, stitch length, sewing speed and thread tension. It will also recommend the presser foot, needle type and size. With the Exclusive SEWING ADVISOR® feature, it’s like sewing with a pair of helping hands!

Side-Motion Sewing

Besides hundreds of 7mm stitches, your SAPPHIRE™ 960Q sewing machine also features side-motion sewing, which makes it possible to sew stitches up to 36mm wide. Fantastic for embellishments of any kind.

Sew your Words of Wisdom

You can choose from up to five built-in stitch fonts when creating your own words of wisdom. Program the letters into words and combine with other stitches. Save your combinations to a “My Stitches menu”.

Straight Stitch Plate with Sensor Technology

The Straight Stitch Plate makes your straight stitches better than ever. When attached, a sensor automatically sets the machine to straight stitch mode.