With features like the EXCLUSIVE SENSOR SYSTEM™ and Exclusive SEWING ADVISOR™ this machine will give you ease and convenience.

All Features & Benefits


With a tap on the foot control or the touch of a button, the presser foot automatically lowers and raises. The sensor foot pressure automatically adjusts for any fabric thickness – resulting in a perfect even-feed of any fabric. There is even an extra lift position for maximum space to slide thick sewing projects, like quilts, under the foot easily. The Sensor Foot Pivot senses the fabric thickness for instant pivoting.


Exclusive SEWING ADVISOR® Feature

Simply enter the type of fabric and the sewing technique and the Exclusive SEWING ADVISOR® feature instantly sets the machine for you. It selects the best stitch, stitch width, stitch length, sewing speed and thread tension. It will also recommend the presser foot, needle type and size. With the Exclusive SEWING ADVISOR® feature, it’s like sewing with a pair of helping hands!

Electronic Self-Adjusting Thread Tension

With the SAPPHIRE™ 930 there's no need to set the thread tension. Whatever stitch and fabric you choose, the best thread tension is set automatically. Just as easy, you can change the setting for special needs.

Large Sewing Surface

It´s easy to manage large sewing projects. The generous machine design offers plenty of sewing and fabric space. The open area from the side of the machine to the needle measures nearly 10" (250 mm). Perfect for quilts and other large sewing projects! Add extra comfort and increase the sewing area even more by using the optional extension table with guide.


Automatic Thread Cutter

One touch instantly cuts the top and bobbin threads and pulls the thread tails to the underside of your fabric.