HUSKYLOCK™ 901 Piping Foot, Large

Item #: 1650002460
Your HUSKYLOCK™ 901 Overlock machine has two optional Piping Feet. One for standard size piping and a wider grooved foot for larger decorator piping. 

The sewing technique for both is the same. The Piping/Cording Foot makes both the covering of cord with fabric to make piping and the insertion process faster and easier. Machine setting: 3 or 4 thread stitch length “N”, -width “N”, -finger “N”. Fabric: medium weight woven and piping. Tension settings: normal, (LN) N, (RN) N, (UL) N, (LL) N.

Other information

1. Replace regular foot with Piping Foot.
2. Cut square of fabric in two and lay piping along seam line be tween the two pieces of fabric
(right sides together).
3. Insert fabric pieces under the foot so that the piping lays in the groove under the foot.
4. Serge piping into the seam.

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