HUSKYLOCK™ Gathering Foot

Item #: 620088396
The Gathering Foot is perfect for gathering a single layer of fabric or simultaneously gathering and stitching two layers of fabric. (The bottom fabric layer will be gathered and the top layer remains fl at.) Suitable for light and medium weight woven fabrics.

Other information

1. Set the overlock machine for the desired stitch.
2. Snap on the Gathering Foot.
3. Insert the bottom fabric layer (fabric to be gathered) between the needle plate and the\ Gathering Foot all the way up to the cutter, with right side up.
4. Insert the top fabric layer in the opening of the Gathering Foot and even with the bottom layer right side down.
5. Lower the presser foot and sew. Guide the fabric against the fabric guide, letting the bottom layer feed freely to gather.

To increase the fullness of the gathering:
• Increase the needle thread tension
• Set the diff erential feed to a higher number
• Adjust the stitch length to a higher number
A single layer of fabric may also be gathered by placing it under foot and adjusting stitch length, differential feed and needle thread tension to desired fullness.

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