HUSKYLOCK™ Flat Edge Lace Foot

Item #: 412716545

Fold one fabric along the edge, and attach lace all in one easy step for a beautiful finish, using the Coverstitch Flat Edge Lace Foot.

Other information

1.Select Cover stitch wide.
2. Choose the fabric with the fabric selection button.
3. Raise the presser foot and snap on Flat Edge Lace Foot (790 C).
4. Set tension as advised by the Info display.
5. Insert lace into the right lace guide and slide it 1” (2.5 cm) beyond the needles.
6. Fold the fabric under ¼” (7 mm). Insert the fabric into left fabric guide with the folded side down. Slide the fabric under the foot to the needles. (illus.A)
7. Lower the presser foot and sew. (illus.B) Note: Use needle A, E.


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