HUSKYLOCK™ Elastic Foot

Item #: 620081596

This foot is used for attaching elastic tape to the garment and the amount of contraction of the elastic tape can be adjusted as required. This foot can also be used for attaching tape to prevent stretching. Instructions for using the foot are included in the package.

Other information

1. Set the overlock machine for the desired stitch.
2. Loosen the screw at the front of the Elastic Foot to release the tension on the roller. Insert
the elastic into the foot.
3. Snap on the foot and pull the elastic until it reaches behind the foot.
4. Tighten the tension screw to stretch the elastic.
5. Turn the handwheel to sew the first few stitches to secure the elastic.
6. Place the fabric under the foot and sew both the elastic and the fabric together.
7. Check the stitch and adjust the tension if necessary.
Note: To adjust the stretch of the elastic:
• Turn the tension screw to the right formore stretch.
• Turn the screw to the left for less stretch.
• Be careful not to stretch the fabricwhile sewing.

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