HUSKYLOCK™ Elastic Foot

Item #: 2141002407
The Elastic Foot guides and stretches narrow elastic as you sew it to fabric. Machine setting: 3-thread Overlock, stitch length 4–5, width N (901: 4.5–5), stitch finger N (stitch plate A for 901). Set all tension dials for normal tension.

Other information

1. Loosen the screw at the front of the Elastic Foot to release the tension on the roller and insert the elastic into the foot.
2. Snap on the foot and pull the elastic until it reaches behind the foot.
3. Sew the elastic only until it is feeding out of the foot. Tighten the tension screw to stretch the elastic.
4. Place the fabric under the foot and sew together with the elastic.
5. Check the stitch and adjust the tension if necessary.
6. To adjust the stretch of the elastic: a. Turn the tension screw to the right for more stretch.  Turn the screw to the left for less stretch.

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