Circular Attachment

Item #: 412602645

Sew a variety of stitches in a perfect circle for ornaments, coasters, decorative embellishments. Select a favorite decorative stitch. (Stitch width maximum 1/4", (6 mm)

Other information

1. Snap on Presser Foot B.
2. Place thumbtack in the center of the area to be a circle.
3. Slide the circular sewing attachment into the groove at the back of the presser foot ankle, place the end of the attachment on the thumb tack, and tighten the accessory screw at the back of the ankle to hold the circular attachment in place.
4. Lower the presser foot and sew. The fabric will feed in a circle around the thumb tack.

Hint: place the fabric in a hoop and use stabilizer under light weight fabrics.



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