HUSKYLOCK™ Bias Tape Binding Foot

Item #: 412671501

Other information

Set machine for Coverstitch.
To attach bias tape:
1. Press the stitch selection button until “Auto M” “Coverstitch wide” appears.
2. Press the fabric selection button until appropriate fabric type appears.

Note: Use needle A & E.

3. Raise the presser foot and snap on Bias Tape Binding foot.
4. Trim off the two top corners. Note: 1"–1 1/4" (25–28 mm) width tape can be used.
5. Insert the tape into tape guide. Use tweezers to feed the tape through slot on front of foot.
6. Extend tail of bias tape 2" (5 cm) behind foot.
7. Lower presser foot and sew bias tape only to test stitch.
8. Raise presser foot and insert fabric from the left side of tape guide until edge of fabric lays against pressed edge of bias tape.
9. Lower presser foot and sew bias tape along edge of fabric.
Hint: Hold tail of bias tape at back of foot to guide until fabric is under needles.


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