Adjustable Buttonhole Foot

Item #: 412679245

The Buttonhole Foot has a slide that is adjustable for different sizes of buttons to make several buttonhole the same size. Use the markings on the left toe of the foot to position the buttonhole. The middle mark gives a 5/8" (15 mm) buttoning edge.

Other information

1. Snap on the Adjustable Buttonhole Foot and select a buttonhole.
2. Put the button onto the foot and push the slide against the button as tight as it will go. Remove the button before you start to sew.
3. Lower the presser foot and sew. The machine sews the first column in reverse. Stop sewing when the red mark on the slide has reached the beginning of the stitching.
4. Continue sewing the buttonhole.

When sewing buttonholes in stretch fabrics we recommend cording the buttonhole to increase the stability and to keep the buttonhole from stretching out. For a corded buttonhole loop a piece of heavy thread around the finger at the back of the Buttonhole Foot as illustrated.

not for EMERALD™ series


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