The Royal Treatment in Every Stitch

Find out how the DESIGNER DIAMOND Royale™ sewing and embroidery machine makes it easier and more rewarding than ever to express your creativity.

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An Industry First: Dimensional Stitches

Add wonderful appliqué and pop-up stitches to your projects. The patent-pending Dimensional Stitches technique on the DESIGNER DIAMOND Royale™ sewing and embroidery machine offers unprecedented possibilities to add beautiful appliqué and pop-up stitches to your projects. The machine features 26 Dimensional Stitches including appliqué stitches and pop up stitches. The stitches are absolutely stunning and so much fun to use. You might find yourself sewing around the clock!

The Design Appliqué feature

Use the different stitches to create original embroideries instantly on the screen. Choose from a variety of built-in shapes including hearts, flowers, letters and more to create appliqué designs like the roman numerals on the quilt.

Interchangeable Dual Feed included

No matter which type of fabric, it has never been easier to keep your fabrics in place. The Interchangeable Dual Feed is designed to feed layers of fabric and batting evenly, creating perfect feeding from the top and the bottom of your quilt.

The deLuxe™ Stitch System

Sew more beautiful embroideries than ever before with less effort.The unique HUSQVARNA VIKING® deLuxe™ Stitch System has two ways to feed the needle thread: Thread Tension and Thread Portioning. It will automatically select the best way to improve the balance between needle thread and bobbin thread for your convenience! As a result, you will achieve gorgeous stitch results on both sides of the fabric, regardless of fabric or thread type.

The best part? You can use even the most challenging metallic and sliver threads and get a perfect result so your projects shine and shimmer better than ever before.

The Ultimate Interactive Screen

Large, wide view color touch screen with intuitive navigation. The Ultimate Interactive Screen has exceptionally high resolution so you can see stitches and embroidery designs in stunning detail. In addition to its impressive size and 180° viewing angle, it is also easy to navigate, allowing you to focus on the joy of creating.

Use your stylus, or an optional USB mouse, to select any function, stitch, or information in an instant! All information on the screen is easy to see and understand.


Senses your fabric thickness for perfect, even feed. The amazing EXCLUSIVE SENSOR SYSTEM™ technology automatically and continuously senses and adjusts for any fabric thickness resulting in a perfect even-feed. With a tap on the foot control or the touch of a button, the Sensor System automatically lowers and raises the presser foot. There is even an extra lift position for maximum space to slide thick sewing projects, like quilts, under the foot easily. The Sensor Foot Pivot senses the fabric thickness for instant pivoting.