DESIGNER TOPAZ™ Quick Style Embroideries


Use your imagination and play around with the possibilities of the "Style-Up" embroideries that come with the DESIGNER TOPAZ™ 40, DESIGNER TOPAZ™ 50 and DESIGNER TOPAZ™ 25The shape and size makes it so fun to work with.


We used this one as shoulder patches and for embellishing shoes, but they are excellent for adding eye-catching details on pockets, on an elastic cinch belt or why not embellish it with beads and crystals for a fancy hair decoration - no limits! You can style-up your outfit just minutes before you step out of your home.

The tear-drop earrings are so fun to make you will want them in every color combo! The little eyelets at the bottom create many ways to decorate them even more by adding crystals or attaching shimmering beads. Perfect accessories for any event!


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