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Last week, we went to Stockholm to see a Fashion Exhibition. Before we went home we did get the chance to visit a Husqvarna Viking® sewing machine store that also sells fabric.  I ended up buying five fabrics!


The brown fabric, is what I have now started to sew.  I did decorate the fabric to make it pop a bit more. The embroideries I used, is found in the Husqvarna Viking® 5D™Embroidery system, in the sample folders from 5D Embroidery/Stitch 2/Flowers. I did only stitch the first color and it turned out to look exactly as the flower print on the fabric.


Since I gained a bit of weight in Greece, and I am still planning to loose some of it, I had to make the skirt adjustable!

Here is how to do it. Cut your both the skirt and a lining. Sew the fabric and lining together on the side seams using a three of four thread overlock stitch. I used the the Husqvarna Viking® HUSKYLOCK™ s15 machine.

At the waist, I added a bias binding. See pictures. It does need to be one piece for each part of the skirt in order to make it easy to make the size smaller later. Here is a picture to show how it is done.


Sew the zipper in place in one of the side- seams, I used a centered zipper. A great instruction is found at: Sew the other side- seam.

Finally only fold, iron and stitch the hem.

Happy Sewing!

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