Quick Font Pillow

The Pillow for Chloe was made with her birth date. It is using different looking fonts and super designs to make a playful combination. With the QuickFont wizard you have the possibility to create the fonts you prefer from TrueType® and OpenType® fonts on your computer. Learn how to adjust the size of the embroidery in order to make the embroidery combination larger.

The Chloe birthday pillow is created out of two embroidery designs each of them stitched out in the Jewel Hoop 240x150mm.

1. Channel font, fill with Satin Border and the Superdesign Star1.

2. Cooper Black, in three different options; outline, Pattern Fill and Pattern fill with Satin border. Superdesign Food and Drink: the pineapple.

The pillow case was bought ready made. Open the seams on three sides. Attach your embroidery with the circular attachment using a decorative stitch. Sew the seams and the pillow is finished.

See more how you can create and personalize your own fonts in the Quick Font guide

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