Monogram Pillow

There are a multitude of possibilities for creating a fantastic embroidery combinations with or without adding letters, in the Intro embroidery PC software. Finish this pillow case with velvet ribbons and any decorative stitch for the nicest look and you have a very personalized embroidered pillow for years to come.

Finished size 22” x 12 ½” (56cmx 32cm.)

Sewing supplies:


1. Cut the center front piece 14”x18” (36x46cm)
2. Cut the two center side pieces 14”x8” (13x36cm)
3. Cut the two backside pieces 7”x22” (18x56cm)
4. Press the INSPIRA® Light & Soft Fuse-On Stabilizer on the 3 front pieces
5. Press the double face stabilizer on the appliqué fabric
6. Prepare the letter C in the Intro embroidery PC software

Monogram created in the Intro Embroidery PC software

1. Create the Monogram using the Quick font Wizard in your Intro Embroidery PC software, found in the Letters tab. We used the font “Channel” and created the font as an appliqué with a 3mm satin border. When you have created the font, open it in My Fonts category and type in the letter of your choice. We selected the letter C and set the size at 6.7” (170mm).
2. Save the letter to your USB embroidery stick.


1. Draw a line on the center of the center front piece both horizontally and vertically with the marking pen.
2. Embroider the letter C, which is an applique.

3. Hoop and embroider the second embroidery #02, on the right side, 4” (10 cm) from the center of the C.
4. Hoop and embroider the third embroidery #02, on the left side of the C, by mirror image the design and place it 4” (10 cm) from the center of the C. Hint: You can always create the combination in your Intro Embroidery PC software and print out the template, that way it can help you to hoop correctly and see the final size of the embroidery.


When your embroidery is finished:

- remove the hoop from the unit arm
- open the hoop to release the project
- tear away the stabilizer

Set your machine for sewing:

- remove the embroidery unit
- remove the embroidery/darning foot U
- put on the presser foot ankle.


Sewing and decorating the front of the pillow

1. Cut the embroidered front piece with a rotary cutter and ruler.  Size: 14”x16” (36x40cm).
2. Sew the printed fabric to both sides of the center piece with straight stitch 1:01 and seam allowance of ½” (1.5cm).
3. Press the seam open.
4. Thread your sewing machine with embroidery thread on the top and a sewing thread that matches in the bobbin.
5. Attach presser foot B. Select the decorative stitch 3:17. Sew from the right side of the pillow in the ditch created between the two different fabrics, Use a piece of Tear-A-Way Stabilizer under the seam (wide enough for this seam and to attach the velvet ribbon as well in the next step).
6. Sew the same decorative seam on the both sides.
7. Pin the velvet ribbon ½” (1cm) from the decorative stitch.
8. Attach the Left edge top stitching foot.
9. Sew along the left side edge of the velvet ribbon with a straight stitch 1:01.
10. Turn the pillow and stitch the other side of the velvet ribbon. Make sure the stabilizer is still under the fabric, for better feeding.
11. Iron

Sewing the backside of the pillow

Sew the invisible zipper in place, using the invisible zipper foot and the E-foot. Follow the instruction in the online HUSQVARNA VIKING® accessory user´s guide.

Sewing front with back

Put the front side on top of the backside of the pillow pieces with right sides together and pin. Open the zipper about 6” (15cm) to be able to turn it inside out after you have sewn.  Sew with the straight stitch 1:01, seam allowance ½ inch (1cm), around the four sides of the pillow. Zig zag the seam allowances together on all four sides with the three step zigzag 1:04, or use an overlock machine to overcast the seams. Turn inside out and press.


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