Lion Pillows

Repurpose a doily or two, maybe your grandmother has crochet some or you can find them at the thrift store.  Turn them into adorable lion pillows. They will be sweet keepsakes and would be a perfect decoration in a child’s room or any other place you choose.

Sewing supplies:


  • Pattern of the lion.


  • Add the INSPIRA® Light & Soft Fuse-On Stabilizer on the wrong side of the off-white velour fabric, (follow the instruction on the package).
  • Cut two circular pieces for the pillow that will become the body of the lion, ½” (15mm) larger in diameter compared with your doily.(If you are using a stretchy fabric you need to iron on a stabilizer to prevent too much stretching while you sew.)
  • Cut one piece of the white fabric to fit the Jewel hoop 240x150mm.
  • Fold the rest of the white fabric in half right sides together. Pin the pattern pieces of the paws and the ears on the white fabric. Draw with a marking pen around the pieces. You need two ears and two paws.
  • Hoop one piece of off-white fabric and one piece of stabilizer in the Jewel hoop 240x150mm.  
  • Press the double faced stabilizer on the black fabric for the nose.


1. Set up the HUSQVARNA VIKING® DESIGNER JADE™ 35 with the embroidery unit and attach the embroidery/darning foot U.
2. Thread the HUSQVARNA VIKING® DESIGNER JADE™ 35 with the pink embroidery thread and bobbin thread in the bobbin.
3. Embroider the face of the lion. First color is pink. Second color is an appliqué: When the machine stops after the outline of the nose, add the piece of black fabric for the nose to cover the area of the running stitch. Continue to embroider, at the next stop, cut away the excess fabric from outside the appliqué.  Finish the embroidery.
4. When your embroidery is finished:
- remove the hoop from the unit arm
- open the hoop to release the project
- tear away the stabilizer
5. Set your machine for sewing!
- remove the embroidery unit
- remove the embroidery/darning foot U
- put on the presser foot ankle

Sewing the ears and paws

6. Thread the HUSQVARNA VIKING® DESIGNER JADE 35™ sewing machine with white polyester sewing thread in the top and bobbin.
7. Attach the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Presser foot A. Sew on the marked lines for the paws and ears, with stitch 1:01. Straight stitch with needle in the center position (number 1 on the direct stitch selection buttons.)
8. Cut around the seam of the ears and paws leaving a seam allowance of ¼” (6mm).
9. Turn them inside out.
10. Attach the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Presser foot D.
11. Thread the sewing machine with sewing thread to match your fabric on the top, a yellow polyester sewing thread in the top and bobbin.
12. Select stitch 1:03, reinforced straight stitch, number 3 on the direct stitch selection buttons.
13. Top stitch around the ears and paws. (Image how to place the presser foot D).

Sewing the face

14. Measure the size of the face. You should leave a part of the edge for the mane of the lion. See how to decide below. The size of this lion face will be approximately 8”.

15. Attach the circular attachment. (Follow the instruction in the package.)
16. Attach the HUSQVARNA VIKING®   Presser foot A.
17. Put the pin in the center of the embroidered lion face with a piece of INSPIRA® Tear-A-Way stabilizer behind the embroidery.
18. Put the pin of the circular attachment at the 8” (20cm) marking on the circular attachment.
19. Sew the circle for the face with the basting stitch 1:12.
20. Cut out the circle of the face with scissors on the basting line.
21. Attach the ears behind the embroidered face according the template. Pin the feet behind the crochet doily. Note: We have change the way we have turned the feet on the mother lion and the baby lion.
22. Pin the face of the lion on the doily pin it in the center and use the circular attachment with a basting stitch and presser foot A.
23. Thread the sewing machine with a colored thread to match your fabric selection, and sew with a reinforced straight stitch 1:03, sew around the circle.
24. Attach the lion face on the right side of one of the “pillow” circles.
25. Fold the ears, the collar of the table cloth and the paws toward the center of the lion face, to prevent them for getting stuck in the seam.
26. Pin the second pillow circle right sides together with the front of the lion.
27. Sew around with a straight stitch, follow the edge of the presser foot as seam allowance. Leave an opening at the bottom where the paws are, to turn the pillow inside out.
28. Turn inside out, fill it with fiberfill.
29. Pin and close the opening with a little hand stitch or a little zig zag stitch depending on how much fiberfill you are adding in the body.

Note: If you wish to embroider more you can add a text on the backside of the lion before you sew the front and back pieces together. We added text on one of our lions: You look gggrreat!

You have loads of options in your Intro Embroidery PC software.

Happy sewing!


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