Leaves in the tree


With the included embroidery pc software you will be able to combine as many embroideries as you can fit in the large HUSQVARNA VIKING® Jewel hoop 240x150mm. Use the intelligent colorsort feature to reduce the embroidery to a minimum number of color blocks.  After that, with our high embroidery speed, you can simply enjoy embroidering as many leaves as you need.

A great way to show your unique style.

You will need

Mini tips

  • Use the Intro embroidery PC software to combine as many leaves as can fit in the area of the HUSQVARNA VIKING® DESIGNER™ Jewel Hoop 240x150mm. The two designs that we have used are the HUSQVARNA VIKING® DESIGNER JADE™ 35 machine's built in embroideries #16 and #17.
  • Save the embroidery combination to your USB stick.
  • Hoop one layer of INSPIRA® Dissolve-A-Way Max with one layer of tulle or organza on top of the stabilizer, in the HUSQVARNA VIKING® Jewel Hoop 240x150mm.
  • Embroider as many as you need.
  • Rinse the embroidery slightly until most of the stabiliser has dissolved (but not too long because a little left in the leaves will provide extra stability
  • Iron them and mount each leaf on the tree by using a thin metal wire.

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