A Mother's Infinite Love Infinity Scarf

Make this stylish Mother’s Day infinity scarf for the mothers in your life to show how much you appreciate the infinite love and support they provide us daily. This scarf features a new twist on classic heirloom techniques that they’ll want to wear everywhere!
Sewing Supplies
  • 1/2 yard light-medium weight cotton or linen
  • Matching cotton thread
  • 1-2 contrasting colors of rayon thread
  • INSPIRA Stitch-N-Ditch stabilizer
  • Spanish Hemstitch Foot
  • 3mm Shell Rolled Hem Foot
  • Multi-line Decorative Foot
  • INSPIRA Wing Needle
Cutting Instructions
Note: You may need to sew two pieces together for the length, depending on the width of your fabric.
  • One 65”x6” (165cm x 15cm) piece
  • One 65”x3” (165cm x 8cm)
Getting Started
  1. Thread the machine with the matching cotton thread in the needle and bobbin.
  2. Sew the short ends together with a ¼” seam allowance to make the loop.
  3. A French seam will finish the seam on both sides. To continue doing the French seam:
    1. Press the ¼” seam open.
    2. Fold the fabric over the seam, so the seam is sandwiched in the fold.
    3. Sew ⅜” seam on the fold to encase the ¼” seam in.
      Tip: If you can see through your fabric to see the seam, stitch right outside the edge of the seam.
  4. Attach the 3mm Shell Rolled Hem Foot.
  5. Starting right after the seam, use the centered straight stitch to sew the rolled hem.
  6. Stop right before the seam.
  7. Fold the seam to match the rolled hem and pin in place.
  8. Topstitch the seam hem to match the rolled hem.
Decorative Stitching-Wide Piece
  1. Attach the Multi-line Decorative Foot.
  2. Insert the wing needle.
  3. Place the stabilizer under the fabric.
  4. Select the entredeux stitch.
  1. On the wider scarf piece, line up the first line of the foot with the edge of the piece and start at the seam.
Tip: It is easier to stitch straight if you remove the accessory tray to utilize the free-arm.

  1. To start the next line, center the finished line of stitching in the middle grid.
  1. Continue until you have 6 lines of stitching.
  2. Rethread your machine with a contrasting thread on top and bottom.
  3. Center the next line of stitching between the last line of stitching and the rolled hem edge.
  4. Remove the stabilizer.
Decorative Stitching-Narrow Piece
  1. Attach the B foot.
  2. Insert the universal needle.
  3. Place the stabilizer under the fabric.
  4. Program your words/saying in the machine by pressing the PROG button/icon, selecting your sewing font, and selecting the letters in order.
    Note: We programmed one word to repeat per line.
  5. Line up the edge of the foot with the edge of the rolled hem.
  6. For the next stitch, line up the edge of the foot with the other rolled hem edge.
    Note: If you want the writing to all face the same direction, line up the edge of the fabric with the opposite edge of the foot.
  7. To place the middle lines of stitching, line up the edge of the B foot with the edge of the end rows, leaving approximately 2mm space between the foot and the stitching.
    Tip: For more accurate spacing, measure the distance between the inside edge of the end rows and mark two lines equidistant in the middle space.
  8. Remove the stabilizer.
Attaching the Two Scarf Sections
  1. Thread the machine needle and bobbin with the next contrasting thread color.
  2. Attach the Spanish Hemstitch Foot and the Spanish Hemstitch Distance Plate.
  3. Select the Reinforced Zigzag stitch.
  4. With right sides facing up, place one section on each side of the distance plate.
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