Sequin Ribbons

Do you want your holiday gifts to have some extra sparkle? Use the new and exclusive Sequin Stitches available on select HUSQVARNA® VIKING® machines to create ribbons that will make your gifts shine as never before.

The only things you need other than your HUSQVARNA® VIKING® sewing machine are satin ribbons, sequins, stabilizer, thread, the Clear Open Toe Foot (item no. 413031945) and a stylus (to make placing the sequins a little easier).

Start by marking the center of your ribbon (or draw several lines if you want several rows of sequins on the ribbon.

Place stabilizer underneath the ribbon and attach the Clear Open Toe Foot. Select the sequin stitch you want to sew (they are found on Stitch Menu L, Dimensional Stitches). Gather some sequins nearby for easy access while sewing.

Before starting to sew, read the instructions and watch the tutorial about sequin stitches that is found in the Knowledge Center (Dimensional Stitches/Sequin Stitches).

Decorate your ribbons and make beautiful gifts.
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