Maxi dress- best mosquito protection!

Posted by Lena Kantis

Burda-7555Maria has inspired me to sew a dress! She did sew a very nice long dress, in a medium weight knit on her overlock. I borrowed her pattern, which is a Burda pattern number 7555.

Here is a picture of the two of us!

Note, the difference in length between the two of us. The great thing of sewing our own Maxi dresses are of course the possibility to get the length we want. Maria do rarely find dresses for her length.


Eva-Britt, did help me to pin the hem, then I did iron it before stitching. (If the fabric is very heavy, leave it on a hanger for 24 hours then it will not change in length.) I did learn something new as Eva-Britt was pinning. She told me to always start sewing from the bottom of the skirt parts if the dress is like the above, A- shaped. It will keep the layers come together in a better way.


I wanted to share two options to hem the skirt; You can easily hem it by using a twin needle, or you can use the new Inspira™Clear Coverstitch Foot for the Husqvarna Viking® Huskylock s25. See in the accessory user´s guide how it does work.

See how it is creating a nice hem. After finishing it is easy to use the scissor to cut off the excess of them on the inside.


On Sunday we will travel to Rhodes, Greece to visit my mother in law, and to have our vacation. It is wonderful.  However one of the reasons for me to sew a long dress is due to the fact that in Rhodes, there are many mosquitos.  Last year I had 25 spots on each leg from the knees down to my feet, and I did realize that if I wore a long dress, the mosquitos could not get to my legs to bite me.
As my mother in law has got a sewing machine and an overlock, I will bring a piece of fabric to create another dress.

I will stay three weeks in Greece, then I will be back at the office. I will keep you updated on some sewing that will take place in Greece as well as sharing a couple of things we have worked on lately.

Happy Sewing.


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