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The HUSQVARNA® VIKING® brand is a household name synonymous with sewing excellence. After all, the brand has been around for over 150 years, dutifully serving sewing hobbyists and experts alike since 1872. So, if you’re looking for a machine built to give you smooth stitches, clean designs, and time-saving convenience, the HUSQVARNA® VIKING® brand has got you covered! 

We share some of the most popular HUSQVARNA® VIKING® brand machines for various purposes and why they’re the ideal addition to your sewing arsenal.

Recommended for Embroidery: DESIGNER EPIC™ 2 Sewing and Embroidery Machine


The DESIGNER EPIC™ 2 sewing and embroidery machine offers diverse features enabled by cutting-edge technology to help you achieve your most elaborate embroidery projects. For starters, the advanced embroidery machine comes with exclusively patented stitch techniques to easily add an extra design dimension. These stitch techniques include sequin and applique stitches for more couture fashion. Embroidery experts can take their craft one step further with an optional Ribbon Embroidery Attachment capability, guiding and stitching down a ribbon effortlessly. 

Perhaps one of the most impressive aspects of the DESIGNER EPIC™ 2 embroidery machine is its seamless access to a continuously expanding mySewnet™ library of premium embroidery designs,  Embroiderers of all levels of experience can conveniently refer to the digital library to deliver quality creations. mySewnet™ is an optional subscription service but now available to try for 30 days or for 90 days with purchase of the DESIGNER EPIC™ 2 machine.

Recommended Sewing Machine: EPIC™ 95Q Sewing Machine


The EPIC™ 95Q sewing machine is an extremely user-friendly model that comes with an integrated dual-feed system for evenly feeding multiple layers of fabric. The sewing machine also includes adjustable laser sewing guidance that you can project onto your fabric to create elaborate stitches and equally spaced quilting lines. 

HUSQVARNA® VIKING® brand's EPIC™ 95Q sewing machine has technical features that optimize your sewing experience, including a large thread spool capability and multifunction foot control capability so you can control thread cuts or reversing without taking your hands off your project. 

Recommended for Quilting: PLATINUM™ Q | 160 Quilting Machine


The PLATINUM™ Q | 160 quilting machine offers a stunning and intuitive design that makes your most sophisticated quilting ideas a reality. Moving at speeds of up to 2,100 stitches per minute, you’ll have the chance to push the efficiency levels of your free-motion quilting abilities. Don’t fret if you’re a quilting beginner. The PLATINUM™ Q | 160 quilting machine comes with user-friendly features such as built-in optical stitch regulation to keep stitches consistent no matter the speed you move the fabric and an on-screen project timer to see exactly how many stitches any project or technique takes.  

Recommended Overlocker: AMBER™ Air S|600 Overlocker  


The AMBER™ Air S|600 overlocker is a magnificent innovation recommended for seasoned enthusiasts, supporting overlock and coverlock stitching functions. Each machine comes with one-touch electronic air threading loopers that eliminate the time and tediousness of traditional threading sergers with a single-button setup.

The advanced overlocker includes a 5/4/3/2 thread stitch capability for handling various techniques across diverse projects. The AMBER™ Air S|600 overlocker comes with the revolutionary SEWING ADVISOR™ program that automatically guides you through the most suitable thread length and stitch tension by assessing your fabric; it then displays the details on a color touchscreen. The SEWING ADVISOR™ is a game-changing feature found in most HUSQVARNA® VIKING® machines, functioning like a private assistant that recommends the best settings for your project based on the fabric and stitch type. 

Other HUSQVARNA® VIKING® Brand Products To Consider

You can enhance your HUSQVARNA® VIKING® brand experience with the following add-on essentials to handle additional embroidery and sewing techniques for your projects:
Check out our expansive inventory for a complete collection of HUSQVARNA® VIKING® brand products, including other machines and sewing and embroidery essentials.

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