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Create beautiful bobbin work, also called reversed decorative stitch embroidery with the HUSQVARNA® VIKING® Specialty Bobbin Case.
1. Lower the feed teeth, remove the stitch plate and replace the standard bobbin case with the Specialty Bobbin Case. Slide stitch plate back in place and raise feed teeth.
2. Depending on what type of decorative thread you are using for your projects there are different ways of working with the Specialty Bobbin Case.
For heavy or specialty threads:
Wind the bobbin with the decorative thread slowly – HUSQVARNA® VIKING® logo facing out. Place the bobbin in the Specialty Bobbin Case with the HUSQVARNA® VIKING® logo facing up. For less texture use thinner specialty threads, and adjust the bobbin tension screw if needed so the thread pulls evenly. Place bobbin and pull specialty thread into the bobbin tension.
For heavier yarns and textured specialty threads:
Wind the bobbin evenly clockwise by hand. Bypass bobbin
tension. For the most textured bobbin work, do not pull the heavy thread or yarn into the bobbin tension or the thread cutter, but go directly into the bypass slot. Place the bobbin inthe Specialty Bobbin Case. To bring up the bobbin thread hold the top thread, and turn the hand wheel towards you.
3. For both techniques thread the top with regular sewing thread. Use the recommended size needle for your fabric. Snap on B- or S foot.
4. Place the right side of the fabric facing down and place Tear Away Stabilizer on top.
Select stitches where the density is less tight. Play around with the straight stitch, zigzag and other decorative stitches. Lengthen the stitches for best result. Select slow speed and stitch at an even speed for best results. Increase top tension slightly if needed. Before sewing on your project, try on a scrap of fabric until your adjustments are set. Hint: The heavier the thread, the longer the stitch length. Choose a stitch that does not stitch forward and back over itself.


  • 8-9

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