Narrow Hem Foot 5 mm

Item #: 411851745

Stitch a narrow hem in medium weight fabrics. Suitable for napkin edges, curtains, ruffles. Straight stitch, length 2.5 to 3 mm
(Can be used with decorative stitches).

Other information

Stitch a narrow hem in very lightweight fabrics such as silk scarves, batiste napkins, shirt hems, ruffles and lingerie. Straight stitch, length 2.

1. Snap on Narrow Hem Foot.
2. Press a double hem (the width of the tunnel on the underside of the foot) in the first inch of the hem.
3. Place under the presser foot and stitch several stitches along the edge of the hem.
4. Stop with the needle in the fabric, raise the presser foot and pull the fabric edge up into the scroll/guide on the foot. Lower the presser foot, continue to sew.
Do not help the fabric edge to roll, simply hold it vertically.


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