Fancy Trim Foot

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Decorate your project with glittery sequins by using the Fancy Trim Foot. This foot will easily guide the sequins through a groove at the front of the foot, while your sewing machine stitches your fancy trim in place invisible.
Only circle round sequins can be used.

Other information

1. Thread with invisible thread on top and regular sewing thread in the bobbin. Snap on the Fancy Trim foot and select a Hand Look Appliqué Stitch. Adjust the stitch length to 4.5 and the width according to the width of your sequins. Make sure to use Tear-Away stabilizer underneath your fabric.

2. Slide the sequins into the groove at the front of the presser foot. Make sure you have pulled a piece of the sequin trim under the foot and through to the back of the foot before you start to sew.
(Another way to put the sequins in place is to pull the sequins through the presser foot before you snap it
on - whatever feels good for you.)

3. Start sewing on a scrap of your fabric, since different fabrics behave in different ways.
Sew slowly to prevent sewing through the sequins.

not for EMERALD™ 122, 118 and 116 machines.


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