DESIGNER™ Fabric Frame

Item #: 920523096
Designer™ Fabric Frame - (#920523096)

This unique compact fabric management system allows you to quilt any size of quilt up to a king size or embellish fabric easily using its fabric hoop system. Measuring less than 5 feet x 4 feet this easy to use frame fits easily into customers homes and can be used either sitting or standing. The Designer™ Fabric Frame comes with a large easy to move carriage, cloth leaders and other accessories and is perfect for use with machines such as the EPIC™ 980Q.
For use with group 8 machines and DESIGNER DIAMOND™ series, DESIGNER RUBY™ series, DESIGNER TOPAZ™ series, SAPPHIRE™ series machines. 

Designer™ Fabric Frame Light - (#920525096) 

This lighting station is the perfect way to illuminate the Designer™ Fabric Frame with true-color LED lights. The Designer™ Fabric Frame Light is also great for use over a cutting or sewing table making it a truly universal product.

Designer™ Fabric Stitch Regulator - (#920524096) 

When used with the Designer™ Fabric Frame, the Designer™ Fabric Frame Stitch Regulator can be used in two ways giving the customer full control over their machine and stitches. Use it in stitch regulation mode for consistent even stitches or switch to constant speed mode and use it to adjust the speed of a sewing machine with a simple push of a button. 

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