Get Cozy

Warm up to the season with creations to keep warm or to decorate your home. Yarn and felt are the perfect elements to set the mode. With the Yarn Couching Feet Set you can easily create decorative yarn embellishment on almost any surface. Stunning results both when sewing free-motion and embroidering!

Get Cozy!

For more on embroidery - here’s a few styles to get your creativity going. Click on the collections for more info! If you have been looking to broaden your options when embroidering - this is the perfect time! Get 10% Off any embroidery accessory like Hoops, Specialty accessories or kits.

  • #211 Handlook Needlework

    #211 Handlook Needlework

  • #244 Quilting with Crochet

    #244 Quilting with Crochet

  • #252 Yarn Art

    #252 Yarn Art

  • #279 Felted Nature

    #279 Felted Nature

  • Embellished Blanket

    Embellished Blanket

    Easy projects using Yarn Embellishment Foot Set!

  • Yarn Art Crocheted Scarf

    Yarn Art Crocheted Scarf

    Instructions and FREE embroidery design available!

  • Yarn Couching Feet Set

    Yarn Couching Feet Set

  • Yarn Embellishment Foot Set

    Yarn Embellishment Foot Set