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I absolutely love seeing a piece of clothing online or in a shop and knowing “I can make that”!
Clothing with embroidery is so on trend right now, I’m seeing it everywhere.  When I saw an ad pop up with a simple short black skirt with embroidery on the front I immediately reached for the embroidery design book (I downloaded and printed the design catalogue so I could make notes etc...I’m a bit of a geek like that!) for my Designer Jade 35. I knew that not only could I make it for a tiny fraction of the cost, but I could make it better! 
To make my skirt I used a medium weight black cotton woven fabric I had in my stash and lined it with a wine coloured rayon satin lining (also from stash).  The pattern I used was New Look 6483 which is from the 90’s (I bought it at an op shop) but you could use any skirt pattern you wanted.
I did some test runs of the embroidery designs I thought would work.  I’m a very visual person, so I needed to see them together so I could play with placement.  Once I had chosen my designs I used my tailors’ chalk to mark the centre of my skirt and to map out where the embroidery would go.  I find it helps me with aligning my fabric in the hoop to have it marked out. 
I used Superior Threads for my embroidery.  Although I’m still very new to the wonderful world of machine embroidery, I’ve discovered that good quality thread makes a big difference in the quality of your embroidery!
I am so pleased with finished product!  I’m still working on getting my embroidery placement perfect, but we are our own worst critics and you would have to look really closely to see the slightly uneven placement. 
I love this skirt!  It really feels like a wearable piece of art and it is one of the makes I am most proud of! 

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