Fantastic Majestic cutwork embroidery on the leather bag!

Posted by Lena Kantis
When we did sew all the samples for the HUSQVARNA VIKING®  DESIGNER EPIC™, I think most of my colleagues here in the Huskvarna, got very excited when they saw the bag. All of us want to create a bag of our own, in our own favorite colors. We need to go and shop some nice leather.
The orange bag is made in a heavy leather, and it is smelling a lot like a horse stable. (in a good way). 

Thanks to the increased needle piecing power it is easy to sew in the leather as well as embroidering.

Embroidery on the leather using the Designer Majestic Hoop.

I have a wish to sew a dress in leather, but I keep postponing that as I want to loose a little more weight before I get started with that. Maybe I should set a date and go for it? What do you think?

Last week I did start with sewing two new dresses. One is grey and the other one is off white using the 
same pattern for both of them. The dress pattern is a download from Burda patterns. The grey dress has got embroidered roses in red, from the Mega Flowers "Flora" collection #113. I love those roses! There are more design collections that could be nice as well such as: Roses, embroidery collection#17, or embroidery collection Flowers and Frames 2 # 119.

For the front of the dress I combined two roses and resized them in the new Premier+. Yes, there is a wonderful skirt with rosew embroideries there too, shown in the samples. I want to sew that too!

I was not sure where to place my embroideries, so I printed the templates and pinned it on the front pieces to see where they should be placed.

Here is the dress so far. I am now sewing the lining and I have created a small bias binding for the neckline with the Mini Piping Foot. That will be a nice detail.

Hope to sew a little again tonight, to start putting the lining inside the dress. Carina showed how she does add the lining by using the sewing machine, I will try. Kerstin did it in another way, but remember, there is not right and wrong in sewing, only different options! 

Happy Sewing!

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