The Designer Ruby Royale quilt for Sarah.

Posted by Lena Kantis
Let me take you some of the steps in the sewing of the quilt for the Husqvarna Viking Designer Ruby Royale. I was asked to create some details for the quilt. It is very fun to work in a team on a special project like this.
My contribution was the flags and the little quilting embroidery border. I did create them in our Husqvarna Viking 6D Premier Embroidery Software. Here is how I did it and some pictures on the steps along the way. 

The Curly Border. I did find an image with lines on the internet and I drew a similar shape in the software as  a vector file. Then it is easy to adjust it and make it look perfect. I edited the points, and did stitch out several times until I was happy with the shape.

Here is how it does look when I am still working on it!


The other detail I did was the flags. First decision was to decide the base of the triangles, and we finally said 7cm is perfect after testing several other sizes. Then I created the flags as appliqués. One running stitch to know where to place the fabric, add fabric, next running stitch to attach the fabric on both sides, cut the fabric outside the running stitches, and finally stitch the satin stitch. Lastly I did add a letter for each of the flags for the name Sarah using a font in the Letter tab. Placed it in the center and saved it. For each letter there was a separate vp3 file with an individual letter on the flag.

Here is a free download to try it! Only thing you need to do is to add your favorit font and create a new word or name!

Here are some of my pictures of the quilt. 

For much more inspiration and more free downloads both embroideries and instructions on the Husqvarna Viking Designer Ruby Royale, please visit the specially made website:
I have had a lot of fun sewing the little Princess crown too! Here I am wearing one of them. 

It would be "sew" fun to see pictures of your own princesses and their birthday parties. If you have pictures please post them on:  #designerrubyparty on instagram.
You will also find a little prince crown, to sew as well as much more fun sewing ideas! 

Happy Sewing until next time! 

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