Fabric+ zippers+ threads = new dresses!

Posted by Lena Kantis
This vacation has been wonderful, temperature has been varm, not hot, and it has been sunny. I have been out a lot to walk and see the town.

I spent one afternoon this week at the Suzhou Fabric Market. I love to see all fabrics, many of the them on big rolls.Great is the fact that it is very affordable to buy fabric here. 


I bought plenty of zippers for all my coming dresses, and to share with my colleauges too of course.


Here are the new fabrics, that will become new dreses. You can for sure see that my favorit color is blue.


I am working on two dresses at the same time. Different things left to do. The green dress has only got some fine adjustment, the purple dress will have lots of embroideries, so I will work on those next week. I have picked some colors for the embroideries, and I might have some appliqué too. Found a nice matching organza for that purpose.


Here is some words of wisdom. Smile!


Happy Sewing! 

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