Sew What? with Karen Charles: Easy Embroidery!

Posted by Karen Charles
One of my favorite features on the DESIGNER RUBY Royale™, DESIGNER DIAMOND Royale™ and the DESIGNER EPIC™ is that you can bring sewing stitches into embroidery and have them stitch out exactly where you want using Design Positioning. This is a much faster, easier, and more accurate way to sew.


These two bags were sewn in embroidery mode by bringing a straight stitch from sewing in to embroidery. I hooped INSPIRA® Tear Away stabilizer and then used the straight stitched line to sew the zipper to the stabilizer.  The pockets and the rest of the project were finished in embroidery too.  If I did this project in sewing, it would have taken me an extra hour or two to finish, but in embroidery it was extremely quick.   The second bag was created a little differently.  The twisted log cabin block was created first in embroidery and then used to make the front of the bag. For more details on these great bags, take a look at this instructional video I made.        

The accessory bag below is another great in-the-hoop project that I created for our special events a couple of years ago.  It is sewn in embroidery the same way as the other bags were done. 


If you weren’t able to attend one of our special events, now you can make this project too.  The instructions were written for the DESIGNER DIAMOND Royale™ and will also work with the DESIGNER EPIC™ and DESIGNER RUBY Royale™. I included the full original design to make it easier for everyone.  All you have to do is download the instructions and embroidery design, and then add an initial to create this fun accessory bag. 

Happy Sewing!

Click to download instructions.

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