Embroidered Belt

Embroider the belt as long as you need, with the Endless embroidery hoop and the beautiful embroidery design from your HUSQVARNA VIKING® DESIGNER JADE™ 35 machine. Finish the belt with a mini piping, the extra detail that will make it look fabulous. Select your favorite embroidery thread colors in the Intro Embroidery PC software before you even start.

1. Select a cotton fabric or maybe repurpose a shirt that you no longer use and transform it into this nice looking belt. Cut it long enough to fit your denim jeans on the length and 6” wide.
2. Prepare your HUSQVARNA VIKING® DESIGNER JADE™ 35 machine with embroidery thread and bobbin thread.

3. Load the embroidery design #19
4. Hoop your fabric with a piece of Tear-Away stabilizer behind the fabric, in the HUSQVARNA VIKING® DESIGNER™ Jewel Hoop or the optional Endless embroidery Hoop II.
5. Embroider as many designs as needed for the desired length.
6. Tear off the stabilizer.
7. Cut your belt to the width you want it to be. (Do not forget seam allowance).
8. Sew a mini piping by following the instruction.
9. Attach the mini piping on each side of the embroidery design.
10. Pin a second layer of fabric on the right side of the belt.
11. Draw the rounded shape on the end of the belt with a fabric marker.
12. Stitch one long side, continue with the rounded end. Sew to the middle of the second long side. Leave on opening of 6” at the middle of the long side, to be able to turn the belt inside out. Sew the rest of the long side. Leave the last short side as it is.
13. Turn the belt inside out.
14. Iron.
15. Sew the buckle in place.

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